5 Tips For Jewelry Care

Good quality jewelry coupled with some gentle care can help all your accessories and pieces of jewelry last a lifetime.

Let us share what we mean by gentle care and five tips for caring for your jewelry, so they sparkle for years to come!

  1. Keep Moisture Away

Moisture is the biggest culprit that ruins almost any jewelry item. So, it’s crucial to prevent any moisture from coming into contact with your jewelry.

Here are a few habits you can include in your jewelry care routine to keep the moisture at an arm's distance:

  1.   Store all your jewelry pieces in a dry and clean ziplock bag and seal the bag.
  2.   Keep some chalk with your jewelry as chalk absorbs moisture.
  3.   If the chalk feels too dusty, you can invest in a dehumidifier.
  4.   Purchase silica pouches if a dehumidifier is out of your budget. Silica bags are inexpensive and quite effective when it comes to removing moisture.

Additionally, try to not let your accessories come in contact with your sweat and clean the jewelry after each wear.

  1. Saving Jewelry from Chemicals

You must be careful about where you put and store your jewelry.

Wooden boxes, wooden tables, and cheap steel have chemicals that tarnish and speed up tarnishing.

Even when wooden and steel surfaces do not contain chemicals, their composition is such that they could react with ornaments and trinkets and cause discoloration.

  1. Opting For Dark Storage

Too much light – especially sunlight – is disastrous for jewelry pieces.

Plus, jewelry containing gemstones are more likely to lose its shine when exposed to strong lights for longer.

Therefore, all jewelry must be stored in a dark place away from the sunlight. 

  1. Keep Different Jewelry Separate

Jewelry is made of gold, silver, and stainless steel. Each element and compound is durable; however, there could be unspeakable damage when they come into contact with each other.

Despite gold's durability, it could get stains when it comes in contact with silver.

Therefore, it is wise to store different jewelry pieces separately according to their type, material, and colors since it is possible for one jewelry piece to get tainted with another jewelry's color.

  1. Avoid DIY Cleaning

The Internet is filled with methods that claim how toothpaste and other household items can make your jewelry squeaky clean.

However, most household and kitchen items do more harm than good due to hidden chemicals. 

Seek a professional's help to repair and clean your jewelry instead of trying DIY hacks.

Parting Thoughts

With top-notch jewelry, a little care is all you need to keep it in perfect shape.

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