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Luxe That Doesn’t Break The Bank


Once dressed and ready for your occasion, there’s always one thing remaining, the ultimate look-completer:

Accessories. Or more specifically, jewelry. 

Whether rushing to a meeting, going for a dinner, or simply dressing to impress (i.e., 24/7), jewelry takes the look up a notch, amps up the image, and gives its wearer a boost of confidence. 

Presenting “OATH”, a brand that synergizes the terms “affordable” and “jewelry” in a combination like never before.

Our Founders – Johnny & Imran


OATH is the brainchild of two distinct individuals brought together by their passion for fashion and luxury wear.

While our co-founder Johnny was born and raised in Calgary, Imran belongs to a Pakistani family who immigrated to Canada when he was just two years old.

Although seemingly different, both of them were always on the lookout for the same things – better, fashionable luxury wear that doesn't break their bank.

That’s when Johnny and Imran realized there was no such brand. Instead of waiting on their luck to change, they set out to change the tide.

Need is the mother of invention, and so came OATH – a jewelry brand that surprises, delights, and satisfies with its classic collection of accessories.

Luxuries That Last


In line with current trends and anticipating the future jewelry world, OATH’s collection is as unique as it is timeless.

Embrace the world of luxe fashion with high-quality men’s and women’s jewelry made using stainless steel dipped with 18K PVD and vacuum plated.

From chains to rings and bracelets, wear accessories that speak volumes and impress from afar and up close.

Become the best-dressed in your circle.

Build An Accessory Collection


The standard available accessories eventually end up at the bottom of a box that’s never opened. Why – because the jewelry doesn’t last. There are chains that tarnish, bracelets that sag, ruin with water, irritate the skin, or leave the wearer hot.

At OATH, there’s no such thing to worry about.

Our accessories are waterproof, sweatproof, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Take them under the sun, remain fearless from accidental spills, and don't worry about searching for another piece of jewelry any time soon.  

OATH collectibles are made to last.

Look & Feel Great!


When dressing to impress, OATH’s mission is:

To provide quality, luxury wear that embraces trends, extends comfort, and exudes nothing but class.

Go get that promotion; steer fast on the success lane; gain power, might, and class. Nail the dress-up with power accessories. Transform your image. 

Don't just hop on trends, create them.

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