Materials Used In Our Jewelry

The right jewelry made from premium material could be the only accessory a man needs to look stylish and stand out from the crowd.

We understand the importance of good quality material.

Let us share the materials we use in our jewelry to offer affordable luxurious jewelry.

Materials Used In Our Jewelry 

Before we delve into how each material goes through a long journey of being crafted into the most remarkable piece of jewelry for you, here's a quick glimpse:

We use stainless steel dipped in 18K gold PVD (physical vapor deposition) vacuum plated.

Stainless Steel

We use stainless steel for a variety of reasons.

One, it is light. So, whichever jewelry piece you buy from us will feel comfortable wearing.

Moreover, stainless steel is hypoallergenic, which means our jewelry will never cause any skin allergies, no matter how long you wear the jewelry for.

Needless to say, stainless steel doesn't stain!

18K Gold

We believe luxury comes at a price, but it shouldn't break your bank.

Therefore, we have dipped our jewelry in 18K gold to give the decorative finish of real gold without the high price.

Simply put, if you want a gold or gold-like appearance that offers excellent value for money, our jewelry would be the perfect fit for you and your wallet.

PVD Vacuum Plated

PVD vacuum plating is a coating process that differentiates our jewelry from the rest and helps men stand out from the crowd!

PVD coating offers a remarkable and impossible-to-miss finish to pieces of jewelry. Thus, the unmistakable sparkle provides an exquisite look to its wearer.

However, PVD isn't limited to dazzling the spectators with its shine; it is functional too! PVD offers high durability and resistance to corrosion.

Whether you go for a swim or break a sweat, our jewelry will neither lose its shine nor get any damage nor break. The materials we have used are waterproof, sweatproof, and in many cases, stain and shockproof.

PVD versus Regular Coating

You might wonder how PVD is better than regular gold plating or coating.

PVD is thicker, stronger, and offers durability. On the other hand, gold or regular plating is only for decorative purposes since gold plating is not durable.


It is safe to say that our jewelry pieces, made from stainless steel dipped in 18K and PVD vacuum plated, last a lifetime.

That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty - and it's not a mere statement we make, but an OATH from us to you!

Check out OATH’s jewelry collection today!

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