Is OATH jewelry waterproof?  

Yes. Our products are 100% water, sweat and heat proof. You can wear our products everywhere without worry.   

Does OATH jewelry ever fade or change color?  

No. Our products will not fade, lose color, or tarnish. Our jewelry is coated using advanced technology (PVD Vacuum Coating) that protects it from scratches and possible fading.   

Does OATH jewelry cause green skin or rashes?  

No. All our products have been put through multiple rigorous tests to confirm all materials are hypo-allergenic and free of zinc and copper - these materials are usually found in jewelry that causes skin irritation and green marking. 

Is OATH jewelry plated with real gold?  

Yes. Our gold plating consists of 5 microns of Genuine 18 Karat Gold.  

Does OATH jewelry come with a warranty? 

 All our products are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. 

What countries do you ship to? 

Yes, we ship worldwide. 

Where are you based out of? 

We are based out of Calgary, Canada 

Is your jewelry for men only?  

Though you may see a lot of our marketing geared towards men. Our jewelry can be worn by any gender.  

Will you be making a women's line? 

Stay tuned as we are working on releasing a women’s collection.